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leap for mankind. one tiefu tiny little print for girl walking in the dirt but years later, dozens of other girls will be behind her and eventually hundreds and it will be one giant leap for they're community. it really was the peaks that first brought me there but the people that bring me back again. when i got to corefa in the spring. kanle was very sad. his wife passed away. first we embrace each other and there's dust flying around and tiers in our ayes and then we go over to the local graveyard. as we walked to the graveyard we saw her buried in the box in the
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ground facing the sunset. and out of sentiment he said without her, i'm nothing and then he said something that i would never forget. he said very soon you're going to be standing here and i'm going to be in the ground. and he kind of chuckled and i didn't think that was very funny because i lost my father in his 40's from cancer in 1981 and my sister and you know all of us have lost somebody close to us and you never get over that loss. and when we're looking down at the ground, he said when that moment happens, did i say that already? soon i'll be in the ground and he chuckled and he said when that moment happens and you come to see me the ground you'll be very sad but i want you to do one thing, listen to the wind.
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and i got back in october of 2001ened i was in pakistan around that very hard period called 911. after that the united states state department and embassy wanted to evacuate all united states citizens out of pakistan saying it's dangerous here but i had a lot of work to get done so. i called my wife and asked her what should i do and she said stay there with the people you love. finish up your work because you need to be over there right now. and when i was in pakistan after 911, everywhere i went i was touched by outpouring of empathy and hospitality. i remember a poor elderly widow that brought me five precious eggs and pushed them in my palm and said bring these back to the widows in new york suffering. this is all i have to share with them.
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i was invited for prayers of piecen the mosque and every whether i went people apologized even though they didn't have anything to do with it. finally it came time and i went back and when i got to corefa, hangele had passed away. i went to his grave and stood there look at his box in the ground and thought, how can i go on, this man had become my father, mentor and guide. he told me to sit down and be quiet and take a bath and so many things. and then i remembered what he said. he said to listen to the wind. and i listened to the wind and in the wind i heard the voices of the children in the school and i remembered and realized his legacy and vision for education came true. and i also realized after a decade i had finally come full
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circle and i hadn't found the field of dreams in a corn field in iowa and i hadn't found the field of dreams at the top of,k 2 but i found the field of dreams in a place in a dusty field in a place called corefa in pakistan. amir you want to come up here. >> ♪ i see young boy. etching letters in the sand. ♪ in this land of ancient scars the promise still remains. knew muse when darkn ♪ when stars comes. ♪ first cup your a stranger. ♪ second cup, a friend.
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♪ by the third your family. ♪ how long to trust a stranger? ♪ how long to sip three cups of tea? tea? ♪
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so are you going out tonight? i can't. my parents say i have to be home right after work. ugh. that's so gay. totally gay. ugh. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult.
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performance. before the actual performance starts i thought i would say a few brief words about what japanese chamber music means. there are quite a different number of japanese
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chamber music. what you will hear today however is a musical form that was transmitted by a specific group of musicians. all of the musicians by definition were blind males. the significance of this genre is perhaps at most notable for the aesthetic quality of its pieces of some of the great art works of this period and are represented by these artists which will appearing in the second piece. despite of this high aesthetic quality or the value of the repertoire itself the musicians were professional musicians and expected to perform a wide variety of pieces, and as such this does
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not represent one genre. rather this is a collection of different genres that were practiced by different musicians and within this group of different pieces you have everything from extraordinarily silly pieces and for example the first piece to the great art works of 18 -- 19th century japan. the first piece -- this is very much a comic piece, and i do hope that you had type to look at the text of the program. i apologize for the formatting however my talents do not lay in the area of design. what i had hoped to do so you have line by line happening and the english equivalent and those of you that have not had a
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chance to look at the text very briefly this is a parody of buddhist ritual. a priest decides he is going to show the powers of mystic buddhism and he appears and on the alter with different sorts ofornmen of owns and then progresses through profound things and all of these are tongue twisters but it's the first round of tongue twisters nothing happens and the priest is very upset and blushes extraordinary red and he tries again. the second time the chants are much shorter and he begins to lose his patience and again nothing happens. third time nothing happens and he
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basically says how much time to turn to the wonderrous powers of the lotus set raand he does chanting and the parody is something like if anyone is old enough to remember and the mouse before vatican two and you don't understand anything and it's mumbo jump bow and this is a parody of that. the second and third pieces before the intermission i will not introduce. i think the program notes are sufficient and rather than lecture i would much rather you enjoy the performance. the one thing i would like to emphasize about the first piece this is indeed a comic piece and in most instances westerners have a great problem when they
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come to a concert of classical music and view it as this is supposed to be serious music. this is not serious music and i would ask to you laugh. you are welcome to laugh. you may laugh. you need to practice laughing. we can progress -- all right. now, for those of you that find laughing difficult ladies and gentlemens you can at this timtiter in a nice way andf you want to be butch about it do the manly thought. please this isn't a work of aesthetic value it should be seen as humorous. as i of practicing this piece i can assure you and my ability for tongue twisters in english is limited let alone in japanese so if you see me stop and the
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priest turn extraordinarily red it's because i had a booboo. if you will excuse me. (music) this is the sort of
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thing you don't normally see. this would be a curtain and the oil makes it easier to play. (music) (speaking japanese)
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(japanese music).
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(applause). (music)
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